1:10 pm

Cousins February 2011


Gotta love them.

Nag, mag, what comes next?

A loaded question

  a friendly text?

Dream on Patrice

   the wall has fallen,

   the dike has burst

   the mist has risen,

to quench the thirst.

I'm back...

1:10 pm

I am sitting here without my camera

I'm sitting here without my camera and see several things I could have shot.  A chickadee, 5' away struggling with a seed pod, a twisted bush making an incredible shadow on an ivy covered wall, reflections in a window of a rehab downtown loft.  I can't come back tomorrow, it will never be the same...

That's my approach to art and photography and furniture.  Each one is unique. Each thought, each view, each design changes from day to day, moment to moment.  If I just get closer, if I wait another 10 minutes, if, if, if...sometimes it works, sometimes it vanishes completely.  That's art, that's life.