1:08 pm

Big Chicken

For Sale:  Big chicken (not me, the big guy holding up the picture, although I do have my moments...dentists, squid, tall women with husky voices...etc)

Anyway, it's 30" by 42", $350 unframed, plus tax, packing and shipping if applicable.  Custom framing by request.  You can get a better view in the "fauna" section of the site.


1:08 pm

Savage Arts Council

I got some good news of sorts today__my Jellyfish Table and my hand framed photograph, Mead Lake Dawn were accepted to a juried art show sponsored by the Savage Arts Council.  The show will run from June 11 - July 17 and will be displayed at several sites around Savage.  I'll attach a link for more information.  I look forward to seeing you.


Jellyfish Blog



1:07 pm

Most talented guy I've ever known

Had lunch today with the most talented guy I've ever known.  He walks down the sidewalk with the speed and determination of mother and the eyes and vision of an artist.  I sometimes think of it as a professor's walk...

We sat outside on a cool, June day, papers spread out with his images of long lost bastions of the French Revolution or the Roman Empire.  Images so real you could smell the smoke rise from old men's pipes at small cafes or the flower covered walls along the Seine.  Images of pinion groves and adobe huts with sunset views and chapel pews...and of course, the lovely orchid for the loved ones muse...but a few of hundreds, or maybe thousands.  Each time I want to see more, to hear more, to share more.  It always reminds me of a poem by Richard Kirkwood where he thinks of his writing as leaves blowing in the wind to be shared, with the hope that someone will pick it up and read it "line by line, vein by vein."

No wine today, for the chill gods deemed that unwise, but those acid rains were put aside for another day.

Merriment was in the air.  We spoke of twirling youth and Myron's kiss, train rides into the abyss of red rock canyon walls and hidden cabins all in a row.  Of family, kids and Africa.

Time flew by as it always does, papers were gathered, bills were paid, always regrets that we should have stayed.  But off we went, me to my meeting, he to his task, an enduring bond that was meant to last, forever.  Love you bro...