1:10 pm

Driving through the woods on a snowy evening

I took a wrong turn. 

Sometimes taking a wrong turn leads one to a magic land of memories...

The snow drifts down, Robert Frost like, swirling, whirling, gentle as a lamb, subtle as a hammer on anvil. 

Falling asleep, my soul to keep... scuffling deer snap me back to the realization that we're all a skid away from oblivion. 

"The woods are lovely dark and deep", mother's favorite poem_maybe the first poem I ever heard that didn't have a nursery rhyme tied to it and I didn't learn in school.  One of mother's gifts:  her reminder that there's a soft side of snow that doesn't involve skidding cars (or hitting deer) but rather enjoy the sometimes fleeting moments of peaceful impatience of a soft winter's eve. Time for me, at least, that allows me to forget the day's thoughts and enjoy the moment (which could, I suppose, seduce my attention and hit a deer_but I won't go there)

"but I have promises to keep".  Always promises, always deadlines, always the fleeting illusion that life is under control, that promises don't always get in the way...but they do.

Ah, the world spins, someone loses, some wins, we all have our demons but once in a while quite moments and old memories release us, if only for a moment.

"and miles to go before I sleep,
and miles to go before I sleep.."