Patrick J!  How about a cold beer?

__and so it was with my friend, Hank Haden, that, and his easy laughter, constant optimism and great brisket, let’s not forget the brisket.

Who knew that the day we met in an unlikely patch of woods on the outskirts of The Woodlands, Texas, he in his Volkswagen Rabbit, me with big plans, that it would begin a beautiful friendship, and become part of the namesake of my artistic endeavors?

For many years we dreamed, schemed, won a few battles, lost a few more, over many a cold beer and BBQ at diners, dives, and drive ins, that would make Guy Fieri jealous.  That’s the way it was with Hank, always a sunrise, never a sunset.  New dawns, new horizons, which ironically was the title of a graduation speech I made lo, those many years ago.

Sunrises meant new opportunities, new challenges.  Sunsets were made to enjoy with a cold beer, good food, good friends and family_that’s the way it was, that’s the way it is…

Great memories of a great guy, and my friend.


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