Day 6 Rome

Thank you, thank you, thank you for Rome and the hills of Italy.  It was our first trip to Europe.  We didn’t arrive in Rome, drunk on a donkey as Dick Williams says he did in the 30’s, I believe, but he did greet us there and gave us the greatest first day introduction to Rome that one could ever imagine. 

First, a nap, then an afternoon stroll through the American Architecture compound, one of the many places of his history and knowledge.  We then walked along a tree lined street to a viewing garden where Rome, in all its sunlit glory lay beneath us cradled by a double rainbow against a black storm sky.  There they were, the Coliseum, the Vatican, and of course, Michael’s Pantheon.

From there a slow walk back to the neighborhood and dinner.  7:30, we’re the first ones there.  The staff was eating so we patiently waiting outside.  No one in Italy eats early except the tourists.  Then began one of those glorious three hour Italian meals, Primi, Secondi, etc.  No need to hurry, just good wine, good food, great conversation.  As if this wasn’t highlight enough we were treated later in the evening with the arrival of Roberto Benigni, fresh off his Oscar for “Life is Beautiful”.  The staff kept eager locals from bothering him but he smiled at my “thumbs up” as we left…my brush with fame.

I went back to bed with sugarplums dancing in my head, and yet, we had all of Italy yet to explore.


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