Day 4

Unwind, unwind, forever entwined,

The orchid and the rose__

Lover’s love, mother’s love

The hands that heal and bind.


Sunflower splashes, with gold eyelashes

My how does her garden grow?

Lilies sweet, what a treat

To bask in evenings’ glow__


As one can easily see, my first impressions often emerge in rhymes.  It’s a whimsical mind, nurtured in youth, I suppose, by mother’s hand with Robert Frost (or maybe Ms. Kraft in first grade—cat, hat, rat…)

Paging through “gardens” reminds me of the love we both shared in gardens.  Tulips, wisteria, orchids, palm trees, lilies, bamboo, lady slippers__all seen in different places, different spaces, through different eyes, some through an artist’s brush, some through a camera lens.  In some respects it’s all the same to me.  Beauty found, beauty kept, beauty shared.